The Night King: Always be prepared for winterWinterfell saw

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Once by marrying Joffrey and then marrying Tommen. Although her good looks, charm and manipulation had a lot to do with it, the fact that the Tyrells were quite loaded with money was the most crucial thing in those marriages. Similarly, if you collect assets in your life, they will eventually do all the work for you.The Night King: Always be prepared for winterWinterfell saw some really long winters, and the Starks survived 100 percent of them.

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Canada Goose sale Pastor Matthew Murray will be flying a two seater plane over Uttoxeter (Image: BURTON MAIL / Getty Images)Get the biggest Daily stories by emailSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersMatthew Murray, who is the pastor at the Renew Church in the town has hired a private plane which will fly over the town towing a giant banner saying, „Jesus loves Uttoxeter.”He came up with the stunt after deciding flying a plane towing the banner was the perfect way to show people „someone in the sky is looking out for you”.The 31 year old has hired the two seater plane to fly above the town for two hours while towing the large banner which people will be able too see from the ground.It has cost 1,000 to hit the private two seater plane for two hours, with one of the church congregation volunteering to foot the bill.He said: „Flying the plane is a perfect way to spread the message that someone in the sky is looking out for you.”Read MoreNews from UttoxeterThe stunt is the latest in a series of activities during the High Street church „Mission week” where members spend time „showing God’s love in practical ways.”The pastor, who won actually be in the plane during it flight on Saturday, June 22, said: „There a lot of hate and bitterness in the world. We want people to see the message and be reminded someone in the sky is looking out for you. We just want people to know there a God in heaven looking out for them.”Hopefully we can make somebody day or raise someone spirits.”Some people have asked me if I think the plane idea is a bit extravagant, I say yes it is extravagant because God is extravagant.”Churchgoers will also man a free car canada goose wash at the church during the flypast Canada Goose sale.

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